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New Position Available

Job Title: Functional Medicine Centers// Front Office Manager Reports to: Chief Operations Officer Summary: Motivated leader who thrives on creating a climate of joy, empowerment, compassion, productivity, and care. Full-time, natural nurturer, time-management...

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Are You as Metabolically Flexible as You Can Be?

Flexibility is more than touching your toes, in fact, metabolic flexibility is even more important. The term metabolic flexibility refers to your cells’ ability to move between burning glucose for fuel to burning ketones derived from fat. This physiological capability...

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What’s the Deal with Celery Juice?

Have you been hearing whispers of the potent healing potential of celery juice lately?  If you haven’t picked up on this new nutrition trend, don’t be surprised if you begin to see and hear more about this in the days and months to come. New York Times best-selling...

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Is the Keto Diet the Answer to Alzheimer’s?

Nutrition is not only involved in preventing all of the known risk factors for Alzheimer’s and dementia, but it’s also one of the most powerful tools we have to reverse and improve declining brain function. If you feel great but and you want to be proactive about...

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Is Your Work-out Balancing Blood Sugar?

Even for non-diabetics, imbalanced blood sugar can lead to serious health risks and unwanted symptoms.  Many of our patients unknowingly suffer blood sugar spikes and dips throughout the day leading to fatigue, slow metabolism, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, sugar...

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Is Your Brain Being Destroyed by Stress?

One of your body’s most powerful adaptations is its response to stress.  Whether your body is faced with acute stress or long-term stress, your nervous system has evolved to improve your chances of survival and optimal functioning.   Acute stress, like narrowly...

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