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Meet the Creator of MindCore – Michelle Galyardt

M.A.T. Specialist
N.L.P Life Coach
Exercise Physiologist

Michelle Galyardt - Creator of Mindcore

A fusion of fitness and motivation that guides transformation of self-empowerment and strength.

M.A.T. Specialist
N.L.P Life Coach
Exercise Physiologist

Michelle’s Trainings, degrees and Certifications include:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Exercise Science
  • Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
  • Certified Chek Scientific Core Conditioning
  • Crossfit Level one Certified Trainer
  • Certified Yoga instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics Programming and Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified EFT and TFT Practitioner
  • Reiki Level I and II

Fitness and wellness have always been a part of Michelle’s life from gymnastics, and dance into Yoga and Pilates which she taught for 15 years until encountering health issues. In 2014, while raising 4 young boys, she discovered her brain being attacked by her immune system, neurotoxic mold, as well as several viruses. It was then that she made many diet and lifestyle changes which included High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Crossfit in order to help her rebuild brain cells by stimulating brain derived neurotrophic factor(BDNF). She now shares her passion for exercise and positive thinking with those who are ready to step up to a greater level of health and wellness.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health and Exercise Science as well a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from Syracuse University. She is a Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist (MAT), and holds Certifications in Paul Chek’s Scientific Core Conditioning as well as being a Certified Level One Crossfit Trainer. She is also a Life Transformation Coach helping people deal with trauma and fears using her knowledge and training in Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Hypnotherapy.

Michelle is the creator of MindCore, a business that utilizes all of her skills to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. She works one on one with clients using Muscle Activation Technique, and Touch for Health as well as addressing people’s motivation level as a Self Empowerment Coach. She believes that your mentality creates your reality.

Today she is working one on one with clients on deep inner unit core strength using MAT and exercise training. She also love’s teaching people the importance of HIIT for brain repair and overall health.

You can find her giving weekly advice on her YouTube channel: Michelle Galyardt, MS. Call to schedule a consultation at (970) 366-3517 for a free consultation, and to learn more about how she can help you achieve the success you dream of.

Greg Roskop's, MAT- Muscle Activation Techniques Logo

Muscle Activation Technique

M.A.T. is a process of testing individual muscles to assess, prepare, and improve an individual’s muscular system’s contractile capabilities. In other words we will assess range of motion in the joints to determine what motions are limited and then test specific muscles in order to determine whether muscles are inhibited or firing. The main reasons muscles stop firing are stress, trauma, and overuse. This is not a test of strength or weakness, but rather an assessment as to whether the brain is correctly giving the muscles the signals they require to function optimally. The muscle tests are specific to each muscles’ actual movement when firing in the body. The muscle tests in MAT are not a break test like other methods but rather a neuro-proprioceptive response testing with a 2 second hold in order to test the muscle’s ability to sustain tension and contract on demand.

We then palpate different aspects of the muscle, generally the bony attachments, in order to recruit gamma motor neurons to develop muscle spindle sensitivity. This will cause those muscles to function again. We have over 300 different tests to assess function in the entire body including major muscle groups all the way down to extremities. It is an amazingly powerful technique that helps people return to happy, normal function.

N.L.P. Life Transformation Coaching

N.L.P. Life Transformation Coaching

A coaching session with Michelle will incorporate her skills as a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Lingustics Programming (NLP), NLP Life and Communications Specialist, Time Line Coach and Trauma Release Specialist, as well as Dreamsculpting. NLP is a means of helping people control their emotional state and stay focused on what they want to create in life. She uses techniques to help people learn to stay in more ideal emotional states in all aspects of their lives. An example would be if a person feels anxious and nervous in one specific situation but calm and content in other situations she can use a technique to “anchor” that calm state in their body. Once they are able to build up the feeling of calm she then has them imagine the uncomfortable situation and fires off the anchor for the calm state until the brain associates those two together. In other words these techniques can rewire connections that the brain is making and re pattern certain reactions. These techniques are useful for anxiety, stress, lacking confidence, minor phobias, desire to achieve a goal and traumas from the past.

The four main tenants of NLP are that people are not their behavior and that when you accept the person, you are free to change behavior. Secondly, NLP states that people already possess everything they need to succeed and to achieve their outcomes and that they simply need to learn how to unlock them. Thirdly, NLP is based on the notion that the success of communication is based on the response you get. As you learn to communicate better, the world will respond to you better than before. Finally, NLP is rooted in the principle that you are in charge of your mind, and therefore your life. It is a highly effective system that changes patterns of emotional and mental behavior in order to enable you to achieve more success in whatever you do and enjoy a happier personal life. By using NLP coaching to educate yourself in effective communication and self-awareness you can learn new behaviors and adapt them in order to create the outcomes you choose. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming you can change habits and behaviors in yourself and others. It allows you to become a more effective negotiator and achieve more in your work. It can also help you to change your mental habits to emulate those used by successful people. These are the techniques used by Tony Robbins and several other successful coaches who guide people to change their beliefs quickly and therefore change their behaviors.

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Brain Health

High intensity interval training

What is it and why do we recommend this for so many people?

HIIT is a type of interval (anaerobic) training with alternating short bursts of high intensity exercise with short periods or recovery. It is generally something like 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. One of the tremendous benefits to this style of exercise is that one can accomplish more in less time. A typical session can be 10-20 mins depending on the individual’s needs.

Why do we specifically recommend that type of exercise here?

Because it provides tremendous health benefits and when catered to your needs by Michelle there is much lower chance for injury or down time. Some of the well known benefits include: dramatic improvement to muscle tone, endurance, improved fat metabolism, yet the little known benefit is that it can have a very positive effect on the brain by activating brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-related processes. In healthy humans there appears to be a linear relationship between exercise intensity and the positive short-term effect of acute exercise on BDNF levels. In other words, the highest BDNF levels are reported after high-intensity exercise protocols. r. BDNF is involved in brain-cell survival and repair, mood regulation, and cognitive functions such as learning and memory; low levels of BDNF have been associated with depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. subjects, all healthy young adults, a session of high-intensity exercise was linked to both higher BDNF levels and improvements in cognitive functioning.

Heal the Brain with HIIT

Michelle meets with clients to assess their situation and history of injuries and will prescribe an exercise program catered to that individual. Clients meet weekly to go through the exercises and make sure they are using proper form as well as motivating clients to their full potential. Once an individual is in the program with Michelle they are able to access online exercise sessions are as well.


The purpose of MindCore is to motivate people to take control of their physical, mental, and emotional well being in order to find and fulfill their own greatness.

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*packages of 5 or 10 available with discounted rate.


For a FREE CONSULTATION, please fill out the form below.

  • Fitness training: one on one on site training. We start with an initial consultation to assess desired outcome and modalities. Then meet biweekly to actually go through the exercise program. Also includes programming to do on your own at home.

  • Fitness Training with MAT: this includes on site training plus Muscle Activation. This is good for those with precious injury needing to keep muscles firing as we bring in the exercise. This is also good for those wanting to get the the next level of training.

  • Life Coaching Session: The purpose of the life coaching is to assess what your goals are and how to get there. I will help you understand what it is that blacks you from attaining your goals and help remove those blocks so that you can move forward with your life. This is good for those desiring life changes like weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes, motivation, career change and more.