Dr. Galyardt is a Functional Medicine Doctor and world recognized speaker in Neurofeedback and Brain Regeneration. CEO and Founder of Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins and Neurorejuv: a brain building center of Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado.


Michelle launched MindCore, a business that utilizes her skills to help people achieve health and fitness goals. She works with clients using Muscle Activation Techniques and NLP Life Coaching.

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Shonna Kempter

Certified Holistic Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist

Shonna Kempter is a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist with additional certifications in plant-based nutrition, raw nutrition, aromatherapy and reiki, and professional training in herbal medicine, dietary supplements and stress management. She has adopted a holistic, fad-free approach to nutrition and wellness that focuses on identifying the root cause of system imbalances to help you find the best diet, lifestyle and exercise routine to help your body, mind and spirit heal and function optimally. Her four-point approach to wellness focuses on food, lifestyle, environment and proper supplementation to boost your immune system, optimize digestion, increase energy and rebuild your resistance to disease, pain, stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

Shonna recognizes the body, mind and spirit as a whole and practices a multidisciplinary approach to improve nutrient absorption, genetic expression and increase your resilience and recovery from stress, disease, illness and injury. Along with nutritional consultations, Shonna offers a variety of functional lab tests including intracellular micronutrients, nutrigenomic analysis, igG food allergies, gut microbiota and glyphosate levels to ensure you are getting the most personalized nutrition plan possible.

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“We are so grateful for Dr. Galyardt and his staff for all their support and kindness through this process of changing our dietary habits and lifestyle. We are thankful for the REAL RESULTS and long-term good health.”
–Emily, Fort Collins, CO

“He has built a great team of people who are caring and kind. Dr Galyardt is smart and thinks outside the box. Great place to find some healing!” ~ Dawn Swift


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